Veterinary Anesthesia and Monitoring

Many clients worry about general anesthesia or “putting their pet under” for surgical procedures. We take your concerns about anesthesia seriously and our priority is your pet’s safety. We achieve this by ensuring that every animal in for a major surgical procedure is placed on intravenous (IV) fluids, has their body temperature managed and their vitals (heart rate and ECG, blood pressure, respiration rate and temperature) monitored at regular intervals. In addition, we will often recommend bloodwork prior to the procedure, especially in our older patients, as this information helps us choose the safest anesthetic options.

The veterinarians at Crescent Falls Hospital will use your pet’s history (pre-existing medical conditions, current medications) and physical exam findings on the day of the procedure to ensure their safety. Considerations are also taken depending on the age of the animal (very young and very old) and breed (certain breeds have higher anesthetic risks).

By creating an individualized anesthetic plan for your pet, we ensure their safety and comfort throughout the procedure and during their post-op recovery.