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During your pet’s convalescence, your pet will need special care.  Please watch your pet carefully to avoid problems:
1. Offer only a small amount of pet's usual food, about one quarter of the usual amount about 2 hours after returning home, if acting and moving normally.  Feed small amounts again two to eight hours later.  By the next day you may feed normally.
2. If skin surgery has been performed, do not let your pet lick or scratch incisions.  Take note how the surgery site looks when you pick your pet up from the hospital.  If your pet does start to lick or scratch, wrap the area (using a handkerchief, dish towel, stretchy T-shirt, sock, etc.) and call us.  If your pet has shown any tendency to lick or chew at sores or incisions, please ask us for a Buster-collar.
3. Restrict exercises to all post anesthesia patients.  Increased activity may delay healing and increase the likelihood of complications.  Remember, your pet will be convalescing for approximately 2 to 14 days depending on his or her age and the procedure performed.
4. The effects of sedatives and tranquilizers can last for a few hours to a few days.  Variations occur due to age, amount of body fat and metabolism, just as in people.  If your pet seems sleepy or disoriented, protect him/her from falling off furniture, down stairs, etc.  Be sure your pet is in a quiet place, away from the activities of the household, and keep young children away until your pet is back to normal.
5. If you have any concerms post operatively, call us at 250-545-8200.  Report immediately anything that does not seem normal to you: swelling, tenderness, lethargy, poor appetite, bleeding, etc. If this call is after-hours, Dr. Ringness will answer your call herself and advise you accordingly for your pet’s needs.
 6. In the case of extractions or oral surgery, a slight tinge of blood in the water bowl after drinking water may be expected.  If in doubt, give us a call!

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Finding a superb vet was a priority for our 13 year old Collie, Braidie. We were extremely fortunate to discover Dr. Ringness who is deeply caring and supportive of her patients and their humans. She explains treatment options clearly and works with us. The best testimony is that Braidie, a “frequent flyer” at Crescent Falls Vet Hospital, used to be afraid at other clinics, but now she waltzes confidently through the door to be greeted by the friendly, relaxed, efficient Staff.

Braidie, Chris & Ann H.
Vernon, BC

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